“OX BOX “panniers

All you need to pack up the bike and make a trip of a lifetime or just go for a holiday. S&T Panniers are handmade and built tough as hell and has the looks to romance an exotic princess?

We’ve designed our panniers to be strong and lightweight using the principle of origami where folds in the metal sheet at the right places create the shapes we want and give strength and stiffness, this helps our panniers become even more crush resistant to so protect its contents, and the bike too. We have also added chamfered folds on the bottom edges so if the bike ever goes down the first point of contact is not a  corner but a flatter edge, to spread the impact and slide rather than hook-up with the road.



Our panniers also have a unique design at the front lower leading edge that we specially created to help reduce the potential for injury if that area is struck by the back of the rider’s foot, this can happen when paddling the bike over rough ground or if the leg is suddenly flung backwards whilst trying to save a slide.

Our super useful storage racks located at the rear is great for storing quick grab items like water, fuel, anti-theft chain, wet weather gear or even your half eaten lunch! Each rack provides an extra 4 liters of easy-to-get-at storage. No need to dig around inside the main luggage compartment for your most frequently used items.

To boost convenience we also include four stainless steel tie-downs fixed to the lid for storing soft gear on top like sleeping bags, etc. with hinges facing outwards the lids can still be opened even with items strapped on top.

_DSC0434Bungee your extra gear on the lid.

_DSC0435 Access the main pannier hold without needing to remove gear strapped on top.

We offer all sorts of hinges including use full length piano hinges for maximum strength – No more forgetting closing the lid properly since they’re always attached.

Mounting System

Our mounting system is super tough and simple to use, it is compatible with all Touratech, Metal Mule and Hepco & Becker racks (i.e. racks that have a rectangular 18mm diameter round tube frame). if you have another type of rack please check with so we can offer a solution.

Our fixed locking system can mount and dismount the panniers in minutes. It’s simple design uses seven identical mounting pucks machined out of nylon, we went for a ‘one puck that does three jobs’ design because we wanted interchangeability to make emergency fixes on the open road really simple.

KTM 1190 Adv 2.769No moving parts.

One puck can do three jobs.

S&T Panniers:

  • Three sizes – 30 litre, 35 litre or 41 liter pannier. Including: keyed locks by Protex , stainless steel tie downs, full length piano hinge or hinge of your choice, and water resistant seal.
  • S&T super quick grab rack.
  • S&T fixed mounting puck system to fit Touratech, Metal Mule, Hepco & Becker 18mm or 15mm racks.
  • Natural or powder-coated finish.
  • Fitting onto your bike at our workshop if you bring it in.

Take a look at the S&T TAIL RACK

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