Our tear drop size trailer is now off the drawing board and being built at our workshop in Streatham SW London

We custom build to order, Prices £3,500 to £9,000 + VAT depending on materials and specs. From a basic shell for DIY completion to a fully pimped out micro- caravan that we call the HEX-scape pod so you can get away back to nature…


Insulated walls with tongue and groove wood paneling or bamboo boards, drop down ramp and cargo style tie-down points on the walls for transportation of motrocycles, can also be used for mounting storage cupboards, net bags, modular furniture . Extra storage can be built under the floor in an add on belly pan with multiple access panels.

Rear door opens for small access and fully opens as a rampHexcapse V6.10Hexcapse V6.8Hexcapse V6.7Hexcapse V6.13Underfloor StorageRear

Windows or skylights as required.

LED lighting and solar power modules for charging or music systems etc.

Add accordion style tent fabric to drop down panel ,storage boxes etc.

We can make it as epic as you want… send over your ideas and we’ll see if we can make it…

External dimensions:

Length: 3725mm including trailer frame

Width: 1850mm

Height: 1800mm

In-cabin dimensions approx:

Length: 2375mm

Width: 1770mm

Height: 1170mm

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