Project X the S&T X type COBRA

Sometimes it’s nice to put pen to paper after a couple of ciders with the dogs sleeping next to me… this has been on my mind for a while….

Always loved the idea of making a vehicle from scratch and something that’s oil free, solar powered, pedal powered , 4 wheel drive with a nitrous style boost…. this one is small and lightweight… its fills a gap between the bicycle and a small van… and to be fair why not have something small, lightweight, nimble, fuel free and good looking

We like to make new footprints and wherever possible innovate and do things the hard way…

This thing the X type cobra is available to order now, built to order from £7,500 depending on options and spec… it’s fully street legal and requires no licence or insurance, weight wise your looking at 250kg capacity, with a top speed that’s restricted to 20mph powered (electrically restricted) and about 35mph with pedal assist. On private land with the electrical restriction disengaged your looking at a slightly higher top speed with potentially 4000W on the hub drive wheels, and 75NM of torque off the crank motor plus whatever the rider can put in…

but on the London roads will of course be street legal as it’s essentially a recumbent cargo E bike… With McPherson strut suspension, indicators, windscreen wiper, headlights etc…

If you could see yourself riding one of these why not get it touch ?

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